Global Biodiversity Information Facility

GBIF Analytics Archive

This server contains the raw and processed data shown on under data trends, including the global, regional and country/area trends.

The structure is as follows:

/global, /gbifRegion and /country
The latest analytics; the result of re-processing quarterly snapshots of GBIF occurrence data from 2007 to the present using the current algorithms, vocabularies, geocoding layers and taxonomic backbone. It is displayed at global data trends and on individual country/area pages.
Snapshots the of datasets and publishing organizations registered with GBIF, as well as maps of active publishing organizations by country or area and participant nodes by status.
Summary tables of GBIF data downloads, from 2013 to the most recent quarter.
/YYYY-MM-DD folders
Old/historic analytics data (not including figures or maps) as published in the given quarter. For example, the folder /2018-04-13 processed snapshots from 2007 to April 2018 according to the algorithms, vocabularies, geospatial layers and taxonomic backbone in use in April 2018.
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For more information, see Global data trends and the source code for these analytics.